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Method or just plain Madness?

September 4, 2011

I’ve come to find that working within the creative field seems to demand accepting that you will always be striving to reach for something beyond that of what you have achieved or even may hope to achieve within a lifetime. The definition of being an artist or creative is that there is always more to be achieved, more to be created, improved, bettered, honed and expressed.

If you were to label a piece of work as the – best you could do – would seem like declaring the death of possibility as if you have nothing more to developed or improved then what would be the point in carrying on? We may label a piece of work as the best you ‘have done’ but not the best you ‘could do’. Although time may put restriction on what we ‘can’ achieve it has no holds on what we ‘could’ achieve!

I’m finding more and more these days its incredibly easy to over thinking things when you are trying to reach the core of what it is that you are trying so hard to achieve. I’ve been feeling almost as though I’m attached to a bungee cord – as soon as it seems like progress is being made you’re dragged back to where you started  – dealing with the whiplash and then setting out once again with a different approach. Creativity seems to come with a variety of different cycles the bad ones can be hard things to break out of but as soon as you become aware you’re in one it is possible!

Image: ‘this is it’ David Shrigley

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