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A vouch for sound Installation art

September 6, 2011

Janet Cardiff & Georges Bures Miller are two artists whose work I first encountered in 2007 at Edinburgh’s fruitmarket Gallery. The artist’s have the ability to evoke the senses whilst altering the viewers perception of their surroundings.

In the 2007 exhibition you became at the same time absorbed and transported. Emerging from the Gallery was a bit like when you emerge from a film house where you have just spent several hours in a completely obscure environment sharing and experiencing something in a collective solitude. Walking around the exhibition in the company of other visitors you are constantly interacting with the installations listening to recorded conversations and sound pieces that play out a disembodied series of past events.

The piece that struck me the most was ‘The Killing Machine’, the piece being partly inspired by Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ which I would have to say is my most favoured of his works. The installation is accompanied by the sound piece ‘Heartstrings’ by Frieda Abtan who describes her sound as Acoustic/tape music/ambient and experimental. Abtan has created several scores that co-inside with the artist’s installations enhancing the atmospheric intensity of their work and their ability to be so effectively engaging.

The Killing Machine

Further information on the artists:

More of their work can be found on their collaborative website .

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