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February 14, 2012

“Wonder is, I imagine, the deepest thing in us – too often left behind in childhood. It implies a not knowing but it also suggests an awareness of meaning and of mystery.”

– Louis Le Brocquy


Below is the script of Samuel Beckett’s 35 second play ‘Breath’ this work is a perfect example of the suggestive. Through engaging with an audiences  imagination Beckett manages to entice our sense of wonder and intrigue. Through an empty stage and no dialogue Beckett creates a scene that has the possibility to manifest into anything and yet nothing.

Samuel Beckett

   B R E A T H


1. Faint light on stage littered with miscellaneous rubbish. Hold about five seconds.

2. Faint brief cry and immediately inspiration and slow increase of light

together reaching maximum together in about ten seconds. Silence and hold for about five seconds.

3. Expiration and slow decrease of light together reaching minimum

together (light as in 1) in about ten seconds and immediately cry as

before. Silence and hold about five seconds.



No verticals, all scattered and lying.


Instant of recorded vagitus. Important that two cries be identical,

switching on and off strictly synchronized light and breath.


Amplified recording.


Not bright. If 0 = dark and 10 = bright, light should move from about

3 to 6 and back.


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